Jason Howell Scholarship 2024

Scholarship Applications Are Available: March 5th 2024

Deadline For Submissions Are: April 5th 2024

Member Exclusive Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to any student related to the owner or any employee of a YSWCA Member and can be used to assist in the further education of ANY field desired.

Construction Trade Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to any incoming and/or current college student looking to further their education in the fields of: Construction, Engineering, Architecture, or any field that has to do with the Construction Trades.

Requirements to Apply:

a) Incoming and/or current college students
b) No minimum GPA required.
c) Eligible schools:
 2-4 Year Colleges/Universities
 Vocational/Technical schools
d) Financial need is a consideration.
e) Letters of Recommendation are not required but encouraged.

Click here to download Application and Added Information